A 3-Day Trip Plan to Banff, Jasper and Yoho National Parks

Back in 2012, I had a 3-day trip to the National Parks in Western Canada. My schedule was very tight and I wanted to visit as many places as possible, with a mixed activities of hiking, canoeing, and sightseeing. The trip was actually organized by a friend of mine in Edmonton and it was very successful. So, I decided to share some photos and the places I and my friends visited. Hope this will help you plan for your next trip 🙂

A. 1. Beauvert Lake: calm and peaceful in early mornings, almost like a mirror.
B. 2. Patricia Lake: not far from Beauvert Lake, you’ll pass by Patricia Lake before you reach Pyramid Lake.
C. 3. Pyramid Lake: the lake and the Pyramid Island is one of the most visited destination in Jasper National Park.
D. 4. Maligne Canyon: a wonderful deep canyon and a good hiking trail.
E. 5. Athabasca Falls: great water falls that you never want to miss.
F. 6. Columbia Glacier Icefields: not many glacier icefields are left in the world, be sure to check this one out. Bring a water bottle with you and try the glacier water.
G. 7. Lake Louise: a beautiful lake and very popular place for visitors.
H. 8. Takakkaw Falls: the waterfalls and the mountains make great pictures.
I. 9. Emerald Lake: a peaceful lake that is great for canoeing.
J. 10. Natural Bridge Yoho National Park: come and see the nature’s carvings.
K. 11. Moraine Lake: nice lake and nice hiking.
L. 12. Johnston Canyon Water Falls: one of the most popular and best hiking trails.
M. 13. The Fairmont Banff Springs (Castle): luxury historic resort and conference centre.
N. 14. Sulphur Mountain: great hiking trails, Banff gondola, sight viewing platforms, panorama and bird view of Banff Town, Bow River, Minnewanka Lake, and many more.

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